AECF Youth Committee 2018

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The 10th Annual Model Asia Union (MAU), hosted by the Youth Commission under the Asia Economic Community Foundation invites undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. The 10th MAU is a conference based on thesis proposal and preparation. The presentation requires not only your writing and presentation skills, but also your reasoning skill, cooperation and leadership. Ten selected teams through a preliminary thesis contest will present their papers at the 2018 Asia Economic Community Forum in MAU session. After the paper is published, you will be reviewed by experts of relevant field. “Appropriate methods of Korean reunification towards Asia community and roles of youth” is the theme of 10th MAU.

In the 10th MAU, the prizes are given through preliminary thesis reviews and the MAU presentation reviews. The 1.5 million won will be awarded for the first place and 1 million won, 500,000 won for the second and third place.

MAU is always open to people who want to broaden their world views, eyes and experience. Join young people who want to contribute to the formation of an Asian economic community and build a global human network as a leader in the rapidly changing era!

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