Younth Committee intro

Welcome to the Youth Committee!
We sincerely welcome you to our website. The Youth Committee is an affiliated body of Asia Economic Community Foundation,and has been established in June 2017 under the purpose of creating Asian Community with future protagonists as the center, the today’s youth. With two co-chairs and nine delegates, we attempt to contribute to creation of Asian Community through young people’s perspective, sensitivity, and creativity.

Current Asia’s political, economic, cultural environment is in a series of radical changes and uncertainty. With repeated nuclear experiments and missile launches from North Korea, the East Asian security has been seriously undermined. The spread of Neo-Isolationism demonstrated by United Kingdom and the United States has further weakened regional integration and international cooperation network. Moreover, upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution forebodes global scale changes in traditional economic and social models. With these variables in mind,the Youth Committee seeks to find answers regarding how to prepare today’s youth that would undergo and experience this radical and uncertain period.

Our core mission is to establish a sustainable and long-lasting network build-up among youth around Asia. We sincerely believe that regional integration is the solution to overcoming the upcoming era of uncertainty, and it is only made possible when youth from all over Asia come together to move beyond their national mindset and interest to mutual understanding. In order to do so, the Youth Committee is preparing various projects including Model Asian Union and other multi-national youth exchange programs to realize our slogan ‘Creating One Asia Together’.

We are always open to people who would like to enlarge their scope, perspective and vision. We welcome anyone who would like to participate in our programs and become the future protagonist of upcoming era. We sincerely ask your continued interest and encouragement. Thank you very much